Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path?

Yes, containers/packaging is a great career path, specially if you are interested in the manufacturing and logistics industries. The industry is vital to many businesses and industries, and there is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from knowing you are playing a role in keeping things moving.

There are many different aspects to working in the containers and packaging industry. From manufacturing and assembly, to distribution and logistics, there are a variety of career paths available. So take some time to explore what options are out there. You may be surprised at what you find.

What to Expect From a Career in The Containers/ Packaging Industry?

Containers and packaging are essential parts of the modern supply chain. Without them, products would be more susceptible to damage and deterioration, and it would be much more difficult to move them around. There are many different types of containers and packaging, from simple cardboard boxes to complex shipping containers.

There are also many different types of jobs in the containers and packaging industry. Some people work in factories, where they make the actual containers and packaging. Others work in warehouses, where they pack and ship products. And still others work in retail stores, where they help customers find the right type of container or packaging for their needs.

Despite the important role that containers and packaging play in the economy, the industry is not always seen as a desirable place to work. Many jobs in the industry are low-paying and physically demanding. And because the industry is so competitive, there can be high levels of job insecurity.

However, there are also many positive aspects to working in the containers and packaging industry. For example, the industry is growing rapidly, so there are many opportunities for advancement. And because containers and packaging are essential to so many businesses, there is always a need for workers in the field. If you’re considering a career in containers and packaging, it’s important to weigh both the positive and negative aspects of the industry before making a decision. But overall, working in containers and packaging can be a rewarding experience.

5 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career in Packaging
YouTube video by The Packaging School, explaining 5 reasons to build a career in packaging.

How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/ Packaging Industry?

The container and packaging industry is booming! With the rise of e-commerce, more and more businesses are relying on packaging and shipping to get their product to customers. That means there are plenty of opportunities for people looking to start a career in this field. In this section we will discuss about a few best paying and entry level jobs in the containers/ packaging industry.

Best Paying Jobs in Containers/ Packaging Industry

Packaging Engineer

As a packaging engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing, developing, and evaluating packaging solutions that meet the needs of both the customer and the company. Your duties will include conducting packaging feasibility studies, developing prototypes, and overseeing production. Salary Range: $70,000-$100,000 per year.

Container Design Manager

As a container design manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the design and development of containers used for shipping products. Your duties will include managing a team of designers, developing new designs, and ensuring that all containers meet regulatory requirements. Salary Range: $75,000-$120,000 per year.

Quality Control Manager

As a quality control manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that all containers meet quality standards before they are shipped to customers. Your duties will include conducting inspections, overseeing testing procedures, and implementing quality control measures. Salary Range: $80,000-$110,000 per year.

Production Manager

As a production manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the production of containers. Your duties will include supervising production staff, ensuring that production runs smoothly, and troubleshooting any problems that arise. Salary Range: $85,000-$115,000 per year.

Sales Manager

As a sales manager, you’ll be responsible for managing sales of containers and other packaging products. Your duties will include developing sales strategies, training sales staff, and maintaining relationships with customers. Salary Range: $90,000-$130,000 per year.

Entry Level Jobs in Containers/ Packaging Industry?

Shipping Clerk

As a shipping clerk, you would be responsible for organizing and processing outgoing shipments. This would involve labeling packages, calculating shipping costs, and keeping track of inventory. Shipping clerks need to be very detail oriented and organized in order to be successful.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers play a vital role in the container and packaging industry. They are responsible for loading and unloading trucks, stocking shelves, and keeping the warehouse clean and organized. Warehouse workers need to be able to lift heavy objects and be comfortable working in fast-paced environment.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods from warehouses to retailers or customers. This job requires a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). Truck drivers need to have a good driving record and be comfortable driving long distances.


Packagers are responsible for packing products into containers before they are shipped out. This job requires good manual dexterity and an eye for detail. Packagers need to be able to work quickly and efficiently in order to meet production goals.

Quality Control Specialist

Quality control specialists play an important role in ensuring that products meets all safety and quality standards before they are shipped out. This job requires excellent attention to detail and problem solving skills. Quality control specialists need to be able to identify defects in products and determine root causes of problems.

How to Build a Career in Containers/ Packaging Industry?

In today’s economy, there are plenty of career opportunities in the containers and packaging industry. With the right skills and education, you can build a successful career in this field. Here’s what you need to know.

Some of the skills that are required for a successful career in this industry include: an understanding of containers and packaging products; the ability to design and develop new products; the ability to troubleshoot problems; and the ability to manage projects from start to finish. Additionally, it is important to have strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as marketing experience.

In terms of education, most positions in this industry require at least a bachelor’s degree. However, some jobs may require a master’s degree or higher. For example, jobs in research and development may require a doctorate degree. Additionally, many companies prefer to hire candidates who have experience in the container and packaging industry.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, there are many resources available to help you get started. There are plenty of online courses that can teach you the basics of containers and packaging. In addition, there are professional organizations, such as The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP), that offer educational resources and networking opportunities.


There are countless reasons why pursuing a career in containers and packaging is a great idea. From the numerous job opportunities to the competitive salaries to the chance to make a real difference in the world, there’s plenty to love about working in this industry. So if you’re looking for a stable and rewarding career path, be sure to give containers and packaging some serious consideration.

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